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INTRODUCTION September 3, 2009

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Poemsworld’s. Before we start, let me briefly explains about this multimedia courseware. I hope that this multimedia courseware will help all of you to gain more knowledge.

Multimedia is the latest form of technology which allows information to be relayed by two or more media in a multi-textural environment using texts, graphics, sound, animation and video, capable of producing an output that appeals to the different senses. Besides, the output provides a rich and fascinating learning environment much needed in low-motivating language classes to make learning more attractive and effective, complementary to the routine conventional or traditional instruction. In addition, multimedia applications those are innovative, interactive and integrated used for the learning of language skills, subject contents, teaching of cultural and creative values such as the love of nature and human relations through socialization.

            Multimedia courseware is many things to many people. In general terms, multimedia courseware is the use of different communications mediums within a single computer program used to present information. By communications mediums, we mean audio for music, sound effects, or voice-over narration, still photographs and or graphics to help the end user understand the message that is being presented, video to further explain or illustrate ideas (Steven Hick, 1997).

           Steven Hick (1997) stated that multimedia originally was used for computer games. Wild sound effects, colorful graphics and animation sequences really brought computer game playing to life. But now, multimedia has been extended into dozens of different applications including information kiosks used to educate consumers, Computer Based Training (CBT) and tutorials used to train personnel on technical subjects, slide show presentations and dozens of other programs. The benefits of incorporating multimedia elements into a computer program include the ability to better explain concepts and support the learning experience with the use of senses other than just sight. Dual coding theory maintains that learning is better when information is referentially processed through two channels (i.e. text and sound) than when information is processed through one channel. Learners can create more cognitive paths allowing quicker retrieval of information.

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