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6.0 QUIZZES October 27, 2009

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Here are some quizzes provided to all of you in order to test your understanding about poems. You have two ways to answer the quizzes:

1) First, you can choose from the lists here and click at the link for each quizzes:


QUIZ 1 – cloze1

QUIZ 2 – multiplechoice2

QUIZ 3 – jcloze3

QUIZ 4 – jmatch4


QUIZ 1 – jcloze5

QUIZ 2 – jquiztruenfalse6

QUIZ 3 – jquiztruenfalse7


QUIZ 1 – jquiztruenfalse10

QUIZ 2 – jcloze10

QUIZ 3 – jmatch11

2) Second, you can click at the link below and you will be linked to the http://www.maele.net. There have a set of same quizzes that you can answer.


Well done guys…. I hope that you past with flying colours. If you are not statisfied with your marks, you can try it again. Don’t give up.

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