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OBJECTIVES October 27, 2009

The aesthetic purposes of language use involve the ability to enjoy literary texts at a level appropriate to leaner’s ability. Learners are also expected to be able to express ideas, thoughts, beliefs and feelings creatively and imaginatively. The study of moral values is also given emphasis in this area of language use. Based on the objectives of the English Language syllabus (2002), by the end of the lessons, it is hoped students would be able to:

  • Understanding and retelling in one’s own words the story, play, poem and song heard and read and the film viewed and giving one’s opinion of the text.

  • Recognizing elements in a story such as characters, events; (Recognize literary elements in a poem such as theme, moral values, setting and language and style)

  • Explaining the message the writer is trying to convey and discussing how this relate to one’s life;

  • Understanding other peoples’ cultures, traditions, customs and beliefs;

  • Reciting poems with feeling and expression.

Copyright©Nabilah 2009


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