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TEACHER’S GUIDE October 27, 2009

This page consists of teacher’s guide for teachers. Teachers will briefly explains about how this courseware can benefit you. In addition, this page also will give you crystal clear about how this courseware can help you to use this courseware effectively in the class.

Let me start with these questions: 

1) Should teachers use this courseware?

As a teacher, yes, you should use this courseware because all the skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing are covered within the lessons. The Poem’s World consists of 1) Introduction of poems, 2) Lesson 1 – consists of two poems, 3) Lesson 2 – consists of two poems, 4) Lesson 3 – consists of two poems, 5) Lesson Plan, 6) Quizzes and 7) Useful Links. Part 1 which consists of Introduction of poems gives the brief explanation and definition of literary elements such as themes, language and style and setting. Lessons part draws the teachers and students attention about six different poems in this Poem’s World courseware. Lesson Plan is designed to help teachers in their teaching, as well as in using the quizzes that provided in the quizzes part. Lastly, the useful links enable teachers and students to visit the other websites that relevance to the topics and also to get extra information.

2) How do teachers and learners use this courseware?

Here are the steps for you to use the website.

1.  Type poemsworlds.wordpress.com and press enter


2.   At the homepage, you will see the navigation buttons at the right of the screen. It also known as categories.

intro 1


3.  Click the ‘Introduction’ and you will briefly get definitions of literary elements.



4.  The second part of ‘Introduction’ part introduced the six poems in the Poem’s World.

intro 2


5.  Click Lesson 1 (a) if you want to start the process of learning and teaching.

lesson 1 a


6.  Click at the video if you want to watch to the video after you read the lesson.



7.  The same goes to the Lesson 1 (b), Lesson 2 (a), Lesson 3 (a), and Lesson 3 (b).

lesson 1 b


8.  At the ‘Lesson Plan’ navigation button, you will be directed to the sample of Lesson Plan of the lesson.

lesson plan


9.  I believe that after you read all the Lessons, you want to try some quizzes to try your understanding of each  lesson. Here this web blog also provided quizzes for you to try. The quizzes will direct to the www.maele.net website.



10.  Click ‘References’ to get to know about the references for further information.



I wish all of you good luck and happy exploring the Poemsword’s!!!

Copyright©Nabilah 2009


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